Virtual event services

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Whether you’re running a digital conference or a full-scale hybrid event, we can provide a fully integrated virtual event platform that can support you with registrations, agendas, live streaming, networking and the ability to build lasting relationships with your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors online.

JPL Media is your white glove virtual solution for events in an ever-changing digital world. With 15 years of online event experience, our team and technology are trusted around the world to take hundreds of events online every year.

Features you need and attendees crave

Get everything you need to deliver a robust, engaging online event experience — backed by local support.


Admit it, you’re more interested if you’re involved. We help you create lean in moments. Don’t bore your audience with one way communication. Reach out, interact, evolve your event.



Enable live chat to let attendees connect and engage with one another, and create a more immersive event experience.


Ask attendees questions within your video content. Enable real time results, report generation, and additional interactive features.

Scheduling & Alerts

Let attendees schedule meetings with each other or with sponsors and integrate with their favourite calendar platforms for simple alerts.

Social Media

Add interactive social media widgets into the platform to enable your biggest fans to rave about your event.


Like movies and TV shows, some stand out from others. You know when you’ve seen a Tarantino movie right? Same goes for your events. You’ll notice the difference when your event has been delivered by us. We’re uber-focused on delivering the best experiences for each participant.

Sponsor ROI

Custom profiles with videos, podcasts, collateral, staff bios and more. Automated lead capture, video calls (1:1 and group). Customised targeted ad campaigns and broadcast messages based on attendee interests and preferences. Analytics dashboard to track engagement and create the post-event reports your sponsors and exhibitors want.

Poster Sessions

Recreate popular poster sessions online in an interactive, searchable, navigable format. Include options to enable attendees to ask poster author questions either live or on demand. Group posters into channels for easy navigation and curation.

Live or Simulated Live

Stream live, or schedule pre-recorded content to begin at a designated time.

Auslan icon


Highly accurate human based captioning on live presentations in real time plus support for AUSLAN interpreters and popular screen readers and keyboard shortcuts.

Mobile Apps

Cut down the time you spend managing multiple vendors and reduce the cost of building custom integrations between your apps and registration software.

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Help your attendees make valuable connections with smart tagging technology – see recommended contacts, schedule meetings and decide what information to share with others.


Unlike others who take a cookie cutter approach to events by making you adopt their preferred platform, we have an agnostic approach. Don’t get cornered by other providers in the market who only figured out how to deliver online events in the last 12 months. Think about the bigger picture.

Platform Analytics

Get attendee feedback about sessions and speakers and monitor behavioural analytics, including page visits, document downloads, marked favourites, banner ad clicks and more.

Video Analytics

Go beyond view counts. See who has logged on, what they watched, where they started and stopped watching, most watched segment and duration watched.


Ability to add pricing packages for content (entire event, individual presentations, etc.)


A variety of options depending on your needs. Choose from users registering for an account by creating a username and password to gain access, through to invite only events.

Advanced Registration

Create a seamless event experience for your attendees – from managing event invitations and websites to personalised registration journeys, building multi-track conference programmes, on-site check-in, automated access to event apps, reporting and data management.

Continuing Education

Link to third-party CE exams and accreditation, or integrate direct into the platform to track views and generate certificates once thresholds are met.


Technology is great but humans are greater. We hate it when we don’t get good customer service. Rather than hiding behind FAQ’s and support articles and dealing with the inevitable finger pointing that most other providers seem to specialise in, our team is here all the way to help you succeed. Meticulous planning, respectful & responsive customer service, customer success. Simple mantras that our whole team hum each day.

Custom Layouts

Work with designers to create your customized virtual venue event page. Your page, your way.

Virtual Venue Admin

Create customer admins to generate users, pull reports, and moderate chat as needed. Admins can chat, provide instructions, and offer tips for virtual attendees.

Humanised Support

It’s not surprising some of our customers have become friends. It’s also not surprising that we got here after 15 years without advertising. Our team cares about your success. We’re here to make you look good, in front of your customers, your sponsors and your peers. Everyone in your tribe deserves respect.


Speaker Concierge

Take away the stress of prepping your speakers and deliver high-quality audio and video streams. Our team will look after your speakers and ensure they have everything they need to deliver their presentations and create a seamless and engaging online experience for your attendees – from remote speaker management, AV rental and configuration, testing and rehearsals to managing transmissions, studio hire, speaker green rooms and more.

It’s not just creating new experiences, it’s about knowing and delivering the best digital experiences for each participant. It’s the responsibility of our team to use the best data and insights to accomplish that.

Julian Lefebvre

Founder, JPL Media