Interactive Video

What is intelligent, interactive video?

Video is one of the most effective online content formats, which is why in 2020, 81% of businesses used video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over 2019. (Hubspot). Of course that also means the competition for attention spans (keeping those holy eyeballs) is harder than ever. While this is especially true for video used in sales and marketing, it equally applies to video used during hybrid & virtual events.
Standing out from the video crowd can be difficult, and just because the video content itself is funny, beautiful, educational or thought-provoking doesn’t mean you can keep the viewer’s attention. Effective use of intelligent, interactive video is the critical piece to ensure your viewers saw your content, understood your message, and took the action you desired.
Intelligent and interactive video experiences are defined by:

Personalized Content

Viewers will increasingly expect that the video content itself has been tailored to them individually. With the amount of insight digital platforms have about viewers (their interests, demographics, etc.) and the depth of data that is available in customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, video content can be all about the viewer.
Using GigTV, this experience can be achieved by personalizing text, labels, buttons, hotspots, imagery, audio/video overlays, and all of your calls-to-action. From simply adding the viewer’s name into the experience to explicitly sharing information that you know interests the viewer, the more individualized the experience, the more compelled the viewer feels to pay attention and respond.
Personalization also becomes a reinforcing action. The more insight you gather during the video about what your viewer responds to, topics they dig in deeper on and interactive elements that capture their attention, the more you can feed that information back into your marketing platform and further refine the program you develop for future meetings.

Dynamic Experiences

In addition to creating personalized video experiences that are driven by the data you can know about your viewer, you can also enhance viewer interest and retention through dynamic experiences that either respond to what a viewer does during the video, or what they did before they even started watching. By swapping content and interactions in or out dynamically based on how your viewers react, questions they answer, hotspots they click or text links they respond to, you can create the sense that the video itself provides a million possible paths. For instance, if you know a viewer is just a lead (vs. a customer) you might want to ask a question about features, or show them a different button, etc.
In addition to this conditional logic, which GigTV makes simple, you can stitch together ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ experiences across multiple videos (or by dynamically navigating within the video itself) such that no two video viewers have the same outcome. Combined with easy to navigate and searchable chapters or landmarks, every video becomes an experience of one.

Data, Insight and Intelligent Optimization

Once you have second by second analytics on what your video viewers are doing, what they click on, what they react to, and when they abandon your content, you can begin a rapid optimization path of tuning the video content and interactions to maximize the outcome you want. This can include combining A/B testing solutions such as Google Optimize, URL tagging and the conditional logic described above to test deeply refined experiences within the video itself. The result will be the most effective video experience broadly, with deep insight that informs future content development and maximizes ROI.‍
In 2022, intelligent, interactive video will be Personalized, Dynamic and Optimized.

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