Evolve Your Event.

What does higher education and the events industry have in common? They both connect information seekers with information providers.

“Our experience working with higher education has helped us understand how a simple change in format can have a massive impact on retention and outcomes.”

Universities have stopped lecturing.

They’ve evolved the learning process to enable better learning outcomes.

Online meetings are transactional. They are also top-down, i.e. they are owned by the organizer and leave little room for interaction between participants.

This means that the human side of getting together gets lost: spontaneous chats, random encounters or unexpected conversations.


The flipped event concept…

Blending on-demand content with real-time discussion, has never been more relevant than it is today.

After 15 years spent recording and delivering thousands of events online, we’ve heard pretty much the same feedback from delegates and sponsors afterwards.

“We wish there had been more time for networking and discussion.”

That’s because event organisers have been following the same format since before the internet began.

You know the drill. Travel to a location, meet in a building.

Sit in dimly lit rooms facing the front whilst someone on the stage lectures you on a given subject.

Inevitably time runs out because there’s too many slides. The presenter tries to speed up to get through their slide deck and then its time to go.

Limited opportunities to interact with each other or facilitate good discussions.

So what’s the solution?

Social spaces are at the core of our lives.

We remember our desk at the office and the connections we made, we remember the hotel lobby of the last exciting conference, we remember the courtyard in College where we met our first friends. Those spaces are filled with meaning because of the shared experiences we made with others. People we met and who we talked with. When we create flipped events – we aim to build those spaces online. The real magic happens when we blend asynchronous on-demand video learning with synchronous collaboration via face to face meeting and/or web conferencing – seamlessly integrated within the event platform.
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