6 tips for creating low cost videos

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Video Production

From iPhones to Hollywood, there is a wide spread of video production quality and costs available. Getting the level right for your content will ensure that you get the most cost-effective outcome.

Here are 6 key tips for creating cost-effective video content:

  1. Film multiple pieces at the same time
    The cost of hiring a production crew and equipment and setting up in your offices is really the same whether you film for 5 minutes or 2 hours. A minimum half-day shoot should allow you to capture around 5-8 short form pieces to camera, depending on the format. A full-day shoot achieving 10-15 pieces to camera will bring the cost per video down even further, though it would be wise to schedule different presenters throughout the day to get the most out of it.TIP: You can always do a price check on video production by putting in your ideas for a brief and getting a rapid online quote.
  2. Use the interview technique
    Even incredibly articulate and well informed people can come across as dull, wooden and uninteresting when presenting to camera.The best approach to working with executive talent is to seat an interviewer (e.g. Marketing / Comms Manager) to the side of the camera and to film over their shoulder. Effectively this allows the talent to focus on having a ‘normal’ conversation with the interviewer without overly worrying about the camera crew.This approach is guaranteed to deliver a more personable, warm and comfortable delivery than trying to turn them into a newsreader.TIP: Check out the Real Estate Institute of Queensland interviews for a good example of this technique in action.
  3. Forget about media training
    The best TV presenters excel because they make a personal connection with the viewer through the camera. They give us the feeling that they’re speaking to us individually. That’s why when you see a celebrity on the street they seem so familiar, much like seeing an old friend.That personal ability to reach through the camera can take years to develop. The easiest way to replicate that ability with your executive talent is to have them speak from the heart.Your talent should be encouraged to speak naturally, rather than trying to recite a script. While it may not end up word for word what you wanted, the benefit of a natural delivery is far greater.If possible, steer well clear of using teleprompters for anything other than key bullet-point reminders. If you do need to use something like that, there are some great apps that can turn your iPad into an autocue.
  4. Get a partner, not a supplier
    One of the most important factors for video content success is the quality of your production partner.Creating video content on the cheap will result in a product that looks cut-price and undermines your brand. It will most likely gather dust without ever being used.Conversely, a good production partner can take a simple piece to camera and add some stock footage and graphics to make a $1,000 video look like a $10,000 production.A lot of the value is added in post-production. Professional editing, graphics and stock footage can all be added to the video shot on location to create a strong, directed message to convey your ideas.Given the unique requirements of Professional Services, it’s also important that you choose someone who has a positive track record in this field. Filming executive talent needs an extremely professional and considerate approach, especially in a corporate environment that can’t be shut down to accommodate the shoot. The last thing you need is a bunch of hipster film “artistes” making your talent uncomfortable and negatively impacting the rest of your office.

    The answer is to find someone who has produced work that you like and stick with them. Someone that can deliver strong, reliable work within your timeframe and budget.

    If possible, it is worth committing a year’s worth of content to a single provider, even if it’s just one filming session per month. As a result, you will get greater value for money and higher quality content than you will working with several different suppliers.

    TIP: develop thought leadership video content with clients or partners to help lead generation and profile building.

  5. Do-It-Yourself
    With such accessible technology as smart phones and tablets, we all carry HD video recording devices in our pocket that have the potential to produce fantastic and affordable video content. If you doubt the quality of the output, check out the video advertisement that Bentley Motors shot for their new $660,000 Mulsanne.Shot entirely on iPhones and edited on iPads in the back of the car, this is a remarkable example of what can be done with basic, everyday equipment. Google “Bentley iPhone Ad” to see what we mean.

    The key to creating an in-house studio is to have the right kind of professional support. While the cost of buying cameras, lights, microphones and editing software has dropped to levels affordable for even the smallest firms, professional guidance is highly recommended.


    With a professional helping with set-up, training and ongoing advice, you can be sure that the quality and output justifies the investment.


    TIP: we can provide a unique package of DIY video production equipment if you want to start producing content yourself. Backed up by professional support, our solutions allow you to set up your own in-house studio in a meeting room or training room – enabling you to create, upload and share high quality rich media content or broadcast live to an online audience, complete with moderated Q&A and polling.

  6. Capture presentations on film
    One of the easiest ways to build depth in your online video catalogue is to record existing events and presentations at which you’re hosting or speaking.Professional services organisations often host dozens of expensive leadership or client events during the year. By capturing the relevant ones and editing down to a digestible online format, you can greatly extend the shelf-life of that presentation and extend your audience indefinitely online.

    If you’re sponsoring or speaking at a conference or event, talk to the organisers about getting a recording of your presentation. It shouldn’t cost much (if anything) and will help you leverage that sponsorship investment and add to your body of rich online content.


    TIP: Add synchronised PowerPoint slides and registration to create your own CPD / learning centre. Check out PMAANZ professional development webcast for a great example.

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