Digital Futures for Scientific Collections

LIVE STREAMED, and being recorded

Welcome to the landing page. This is where you can access the live event, and enter the breakout rooms when requested. Below also is a full program of the event.
Increasing the availability and use of scientific collections is a priority for our scientific institutions. Digitising collections, enabling remote access and collaboration, is the obvious solution but one which presents challenges along with the opportunities.
You are invited to learn more about digital access to significant scientific collections in Queensland and the Smithsonian museums. Join the networking sessions to meet with others grappling with the implications of digital in their particular fields of interest.
This event is the first of a series of online events planned to commemorate 20 years of the Queensland – Smithsonian Fellowships.
You will be asked to enter your details before entering the live event to assist with networking, sharing material and responding to questions after the event.
AUSTRALIA: 7:30am – 9:00am
Thursday 27 May 2021, AEST (UTC +10h)
USA: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Wednesday 26 May 2021, EDT (UTC -4h)



Hugh Possingham, Queensland Chief Scientist
Scott Miller, Chief Scientist and Interim Director of Smithsonian Libraries, Smithsonian Institution

Session 1

Collections online – impacting research, exhibitions, and community outreach

Terry Miller, Head of Biodiversity and Geosciences, Queensland Museum will provide an overview of the Museum’s digital collections and initiatives being undertaken to increase accessibility to the research community, public and exhibition audiences.
– Carol Butler, Assistant Director Collections Management, Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History will provide an overview of the institution’s digital collections strategy – it’s impact on research through to exhibitions, interaction with audiences and into the broader community.

Session 2

Enabling collections to go online – 2D, 3D and beyond

Rebecca Snyder, Infomatics Branch Leader Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History tackles online collection data issues – how to make it findable, accessible, and interoperable.
Mandy Swingle, Senior Manager Digital Capability Support, Library, The University of Queensland on digital collections for online teaching and research; and developing digital expertise is researchers and students.

Panel Q&A

Your chance to pose questions to our speakers, with the session chaired by Hugh Possingham, Queensland Chief Scientist.

Networking & discussion sessions

We’ve created space so you can talk amongst yourselves on your area of interest, network and share. Each room is hosted by a topic expert. Click the name of the room to join. These sessions will not be recorded.
Room 1: 2D and 3D
Join Jamie Cope, Lead Developer, 3D Program, Smithsonian Digitization Program Office who is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Cook and Voyager platforms which are used to process and display 3D data.

Room 2: Palaeontology goes digital
Scott Hocknull, Senior Curator, Geosciences Program Queensland Museum, is happy to discuss anything from Dig to Digital Dinosaurs, integrating multiple modalities of 3-D digitisation for museum research, education and exhibitions.

Room 3: Virtual herbaria
Join Gillian Brown to talk digital plant collections. She is the Science Leader, Species and Herbarium Collections at the Queensland Herbarium and oversaw digitisation of the collection.

Room 4: Queensland Smithsonian Fellowship

What does it take to become a Queensland Smithsonian Fellow? Q&A with Pamela Hudson-Veenbaas, Program Manager of the Smithsonian Office of Fellowships.