Queensland Disability Conference

Adaptive Bitrate, Closed Captioning, Dual Video, Live Captioning, Live streaming, Point to point live video, Webcasting

The statewide conference was held in Cairns on Wednesday 24 August 2016, along with two regional conferences in Maryborough and Toowoomba.  It was a fantastic opportunity for people within and beyond Queensland’s disability sector to share information, create new connections, and encourage innovation to make a difference for people with disability.


The Department of Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services required livestreaming between three (3) conference locations to external stakeholder hubs, departmental employees and members of the public. The Cairns Convention Centre was the lead, state-wide conference location – and Maryborough and Toowoomba regional locations joined in via live video connection.

Technology requirements

1. Livestreaming between all three conference locations to:

  • external stakeholder hubs (who host gatherings of people at their venue),

  • departmental employees

  • public members

2. Cairns venue – stage at front with three large screens behind – middle screen for presentations and two side screens to show live caption text

  • Live stream Cairns conference speakers and their presentations + Auslan sign language interpreter + provide live text captioning to all audiences

  • Twitter feed with moderated questions/comments on main live stream

  • Up to 5000 concurrent streaming connections from public members and government staff members can view conference by using a web link that will allow them to access the live telecast (no restriction on access)

  • Live stream required for all morning sessions

  • Recording of all concurrent sessions in the afternoon (15 rooms simultaneously)

  • Closed captioning & transcript of all sessions post event

  • Video recording of all keynote speakers and their presentations with Auslan interpreter on main stage – expected two thirds of the one-day program

  • Edited and captioned video file, transcript and audio file to be made available so it can be added onto intranet; internet for later viewing by the public and departmental staff

  • Internet connection to be supplied by vendor

  • Camera crew in Cairns, Maryborough and Toowoomba (if two-way live streaming) OR camera crew in Cairns only (if one-way live streaming)


The conference provided more opportunities for people to be part of the event than ever before and over 800 people joined in person at each venue.  The conference morning program was live streamed from Cairns to regional conferences in Maryborough and Toowoomba, combined with live captioning.  Live streaming partner hubs allowed organisations and their guests to watch the event live from their office, while people unable to attend in person had the opportunity to tune in from their mobile devices.

All concurrent sessions were recorded, edited and uploaded for immediate on demand playback. Closed captioning & transcripts were provided post event to assist with hearing & visually impaired viewers.

Watch the conference videos, read the transcripts or listen to the audio from all sessions

The Queensland Disability Conference 2016 was a huge success with many attendees, speakers and exhibitors commending the program and theme of the conference, ‘opportunities in our backyard’.  The conference explored opportunities that the NDIS offers in our own backyard – opportunities for Queenslanders, for our communities, our economy, our businesses and our workforce.