…what we need to live webcast your event

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Thanks for choosing GigTV as your webcast service provider. In order for us to provide a first class service, we need you to provide some feedback so we can be prepared for your event. Every webcast is unique, so please take a moment to complete the following. 

Click here to download our Webcast checklist – please send items listed when available.  

If you’re planning an interactive webcast, please click here to see examples of the artwork requested in the checklist. 

If you’re planning a live interactive webcast, click here to download our recommended Webcast Script  for your MC or person doing introductions. Please modify it to suit.

Use the script to give instructions to online viewers about the features of the webcast player and also how to contact technical support if required. It’s important that the Facilitator knows that people are watching online, so let them know that it’s helpful if they look into the camera from time to time to engage with the online audience. Providing instructions to the online audience also helps to connect them to what’s happening in the room.

Click here to download our event webcasting toolkit – filled with lots of top tips for event organisers.

Do you want viewers to register to view your webcast?

Would you like viewers to register via our system for the live webcast with their name and email address? We can add extra fields (eg. department, state, etc) as required. When they click on the webcast link, they would be directed to a registration page first, fill out their details then this would open the webcast. We then send you a report of who was watching and when after the event. Let your project manager know if you want this switched on or off.

If you plan to use your own registration system, we tend not to use ours as well to save the viewer any confusion. We can still send a report, however viewers’ info will be anonymous and we’ll only show you IP addresses and the number of viewers.

Do you need microphones?

If we’re unable to get an audio feed from the venue, we will bring our own microphones purely for the webcast. Please note, our mics do not amplify the speaker / audience voices in the room, so if you require this, you’re welcome to ask our project manager to provide a quote for a PA system. 

Is the venue providing an internet connection?

Ideally, we like to use FIXED WIRED UNFILTERED INTERNET connection. If your venue can’t provide a wired connection, we can use our 4G modem to stream live webcasts. We trust the connection will be reliable on the day, however since we’re relying on a wireless connection accessing the internet via public internet – we suggest that you warn your online audience before the event that there may be limited network availability at the venue, and that a recording will be available shortly after the event has finished. 

If you want the webcast available to view again after the event, viewers will be able to watch on-demand the following day at the latest, using the same link that brought them to the live webcast.

Want to enable your audience to ask questions?

Questions will appear on a secure web page when viewers submit a question via the speech bubble icon in the webcast player. 

The person moderating the questions will need a laptop or tablet connected to the internet so they can access the secure web page. If you want the questions repeated to the audience in real time, you’ll need a microphone so the local and webcast audience can hear their questions being read out.

Please note, questions appear instantly via the web once the viewer submits them. There’s about 30 secs delay between what is said in the room and when the online viewers hear the instruction, so you need to allow around 60 to­ 90 secs for online questions to start appearing. Best practice is to prompt online viewers to ask questions at any time rather than leaving it to the end. That way you’ll see questions appearing during the presentation instead of having to wait.

If you want to have instant feedback from your online audience, talk to your project manager about our web meeting solutions that allow for two way communication in small groups.